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Olivia Raines

When Olivia Raines was growing up in Giles County, she read extensively in a book in her home entitled Bible Readings for the Home. The things she read caused her to begin to wonder, and questions formed in her mind. This book was given by her mother to her brother when he left home, but he had bought a new Bible and wasn’t interested in reading the book, so he gave it to Olivia. She continued to read it after she was married and raising a family.

Olivia and her husband and children moved to Radford in 1957. She had been attending a Methodist church while in her teens and started attending a Methodist church in Radford. She wasn’t satisfied, so she attended a Baptist church for a while, then a Church of God. Questions still lingered in her mind, however.

One day a colporteur showed up at her door and, as she talked with him, she began asking questions. She asked him what day Christ attended church. He told her he could tell her but he would give her some Bible texts to read for herself, which she did. He also invited her to enroll in a Bible correspondence course, which she did also. This was in 1970. She completed the Bible course in about a year and then came with her children one Sabbath to the Radford Seventh-day Adventist Church. She was baptized soon after that, on May 29, 1971. Her three oldest children - Delia, William, and Alice - also were baptized at that time. The youngest daughter, Delores, was baptized at a later date.

The Lord led Olivia through many years of reading, thinking, and questioning until she found the right answers and accepted Him and the Bible truths that she had learned. The Lord leads us in the way He wants us to go if we will just follow Him, however long it may take. He led Olivia and her children into this church many years ago. Olivia still attends the Radford church, and her children attend local Seventh-day Adventist churches in the areas in which they live across the United States.